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One of the best close up illusion


& Samuele

They are two professional magician, specialized in close up magic and magic show on stage. They now want to share their expertise, their experience and their passion for the realization of a new idea in the magic world.

A new magic effect

We are pleased to present a new effect, a new idea, ideal for lounge magic and for on stage show, especially close up: “RING IN WATCH”. The effect is simple and immediate: a ring or coin borrowed from the public disappears into the magician’s hand and then mysteriously reappears in the wristwatch case.

Our Story

This effect is the result of a multi-year study, during which we sought a close-up effect of great impact, with a quick reset and pocket-sized, and for an interactive use, you can engage the public using a small object borrowed from a spectator. We know how important these characteristics are for a professional magician. A timepiece look-alike that can be worn on the wrist every day, does not take up space in your pockets and has a unique effect with a new concept of disappearance.
Exceptional for table hopping and for any occasion of interacting with the public.
The tests carried out during the materials research process, the techniques used and the proposed routines have led to a result we are really proud of.


The magic trick you receive was designed and made in Italy. Each piece is verified and tested before being sold to our customers.
We are currently proposing 2 versions: one in white and one in black to satisfy the requests of customers and magicians. You can choose the one that best matches your style of clothing or your stage look.
we select the best materials to get that kind of quality you expect in a products like this. No purchass of additional items is required to make the effect. There are no wires, magnets, electronics no perishable materials, and no batteries are required.

version with black dial

version with white dial

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Customer satisfation

  • Product quality 90% 90%
  • Turnaround times 95% 95%
  • Transparency and accurancy 90% 90%

Ring in watch

One of the best close up illusion